With the Intercom integration you can directly connect Intercom with your Yodel account. You can read more about the features of the Intercom integration and how to set it up in this help article.

In this help article we will explain the Intercom text messaging feature in detail.

How to send an outbound text message via Intercom?

You can find the Intercom text messaging feature in 'Conversations'. Open a conversation and you should already see the Yodel.io Phone System window on the right-hand side under 'Related'. It should say: “Yodel.io Phone System, Send Message”


Here you can send a text message to the contact that you currently have an open conversation with. Choose (1.) the phone number from which you want to send the SMS from and then type (2.) in your message in the field below.

Then click on 'Send Message' and wait a few seconds. You should see the sent text message in your conversation as 'Outbound message'. The 'Outbound message' is displayed as an Intercom note since we do not want to send an email to the client.

You are only able to send the text message through the 'Yodel.io Phone System' window on the right-hand side. Sending a reply will not send any text messages.

If you do not have an active phone number in your Yodel account then the text messaging feature in intercom will show an error message

How does inbound text messaging work within Intercom?

An inbound text message will create a new conversation if there isn’t an already open one with the contact. You will see the SMS as 'Inbound message'.

When someone sends you a text message and there is no contact created for the number, then Yodel will automatically create a new contact. The number will be displayed as the name of the contact. 

When someone sends you an SMS and there is an existing contact with this number, then it will show you the name of the contact.

If you don't have an open conversation with a client then: The incoming text message will create a new conversation.

If you have an open conversation with a client then: The text message will be posted in the existing open conversation.

If you have several open conversations with a client then: Yodel will pick one of the conversation and post the message there.

Finding sent SMS in a contact's profile.

You can also see the inbound and outbound SMS when looking at a contact's profile.

 You will be able to see the SMS conversation under 'Their messages and conversations'. However, to send an SMS you will always have to go to the conversation link as Yodel is unable to display the 'Yodel.io Phone System' window in the contact's profile.