The Premium Plan is charged per active Yodel user per month.

The Plan includes unlimited inbound and unlimited outbound domestic (within US and CAN).

International calls are charged via the credit system.

The main difference between the Premium and Premium Plus Plan is that the Premium Plan doesn't include the following:

- Real time phone support (you can only reach us via the live chat)

- Webhooks: Webhooks are comparable to a public API. So this means that the information of phone calls can be sent to any of your tools

- Microsoft QnA Maker integration

- Dialogflow integration (this is an important functionality that is needed if you want to automate phone calls)

- Yodel conversations (this is another automation built within Yodel)

- PBX/SIP integration (if you want to connect your deskphone or your whole PBX system from your company to Yodel, you need the SIP support that is included in the Premium Plus plan)