Yodel now integrates with your FAQs which are based on the tool 'QnA Maker'.

With QnA Maker, you can automatically connect your Answers to FAQs asked by your users. Yodel is then able to read those answers out when a customer is calling.

  1. Set up your account with QnA Maker:

Firstly, you will need to set up an account at QnA Maker to integrate your Knowledge Base. You can sign up with this link:

2. After creating an account with QnA Maker, sync your Knowledge Base with it and make sure that it is set up properly.

3. After setting everything up, you can integrate the QnA Maker to your Yodel account:

Click in QnA Maker on "View Code" to display the Subscription Key and the Knowledge Base ID.

QnA Maker — Yodel Integration

Please be sure to firstly use the Subscription key (displayed in the third line when clicking "view code" in QnA) to initially connect in the integrations page.
Once this is done, go to the number config page and activate "QnA Maker". Below, you need to add the Knowledge Base ID (which is displayed in the first line).

Now, as soon as someone calls you and asks a question that matches one of your FAQs, Yodel reads it out to the caller.

Here is a workflow to demonstrate how this works:

Demonstrated Workflow

If the caller states that the question was answered correctly, Yodel says goodbye and ends the call.

And here is how this looks like in your chat:

Call Transcription in Slack

Please note that the QnA Maker currently only works with German and English.
Let us know via the live chat if Yodel should ask differently. We can then change the settings for you.

*QnA Maker is provided under Cognitive Services Terms. This free preview provides up to 10 transactions per minute, up to 10,000 transactions per month.