What does this error message mean?

The Error Code: 003 usually pops up when multiple active simultaneous calls are being made from your user. The error indicates that the limit of active call sessions for your user has been exceeded.

How can this error occur?

There are three main reasons why this error can occur. Please have a look at them here and you will most likely be able to resolve the error yourself:

  • User sharing. If you are sharing your user with other colleagues this can cause the error as this can produce multiple active simultaneous calls for your user. Please add a new user to your account if this is the case. You can add a new user license to your account here: https://manage.yodel.io/users.

  • Potentially you have another call running in another browser or in a private/incognito window. The other call could also be running on your Yodel desktop app. Please make sure you do not have any other calls running in the background.

  • Another reason could be that there were too many consecutive calls one after another. In this case the previous calls were not yet maked as completed. Please log out of Yodel and log back in and try to make the calls again.

The error message still persists:

If this error code comes up and it can't be solved with the above mentioned solutions (adding a new user lisence, checking if calls are running in background or on other apps, log out and log in again), then please contact us in our  support chat or send us an email to support@yodel.io