With the Zendesk integration you can directly connect Zendesk with your Yodel account. It will allow you to synchronize contact information from Zendesk to Yodel and automatically create tickets for missed calls.

The integration is available on the Premium Plus Plan.

What can the Zendesk integration do?

  • Automatically sync your contact information from Zendesk and have all your contacts with a phone number show up in Yodel. In the manage contacts section of Yodel you will also see the Zendesk profile URL for your contact. Contacts created in Yodel will not create a contact in Zendesk.

  • You will also see the Zendesk contact URL during an active call and in Slack if you have the Slack integration activated.

  • Missed calls will create a ticket in Zendesk containing the following information: the number or contact that called, the call URL, the voicemail and the voicemail transcript if it is available.

How to integrate Yodel with Zendesk?

The Zendesk integration is available on the Premium Plus Plan. Please contact us at 
support@yodel.io and we can upgrade your account to the Premium Plus Plan. Once you have the Premium Plus Plan subscription for your account please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the manage integrations section in Yodel and click on the "+" sign next to Zendesk.
  2. Type in your Zendesk subdomain and click on install. Your subdomain is the first part of your Zendesk URL.

    E.g: [subdomain].zendesk.com, acmeinc.zendesk.com, yodeldemo.zendesk.com. You do not have to type in "zendesk.com", only the first part which is your subdomain.
  3. Log in to your Zendesk account using your Zendesk credentials.

The Zendesk integration has been set up and you should see your Zendesk contacts in Yodel within the next few moments.