Caller ID spoofing is the act of causing the telephone network to indicate to the recipient of a call that the sender of the call is somebody other than the true sender. The caller dupes a caller ID display to disguise their identity.

Unfortunately, there's not much Yodel can do about Caller ID spoofing. The people who are doing the spoofing are already breaking telecommunication regulations.

Typically when a number is being used by caller ID spoofers they will quit using it once the answer ratio dips below a certain value, but that can take a while to happen. Most of the time our customers will just release the impacted number and get a new one.

Caller ID spoofing is an industry-wide problem, and Yodel doesn't have a way of preventing other companies from allowing their customers to use caller IDs which don't belong to them.

Please contact
 if your number is getting caller ID spoofed. We will try to get you a new fitting number as fast as possible.