With the Zapier SMS feature you can send out automatic SMS via a Zap (e.g. You are able to send out an automatic SMS after a call has finished). This feature is available on the Premium Plus Plan.

The Zapier SMS feature is currently in the beta version and is allowed for the following:

  • Up to 1,000 SMS segments per user per month and a minimum 2 second delay between each sent SMS (One SMS segment amounts to 160 characters).

  • Available for US numbers that send texts to US numbers only.

  • Transactional SMS can be set up through this automation. Make sure to set up the Zap in that way so it is getting triggered for specific events only.

Please reach out to support@yodel.io if you are on a paid Premium Plus Plan subscription and want to utilize the Zapier functionality. Let us know your desired outcome and the rough estimate of sent text segments and we will activate the feature for you.