With the help of Zapier you can automatically create new tickets in Zendesk for incoming Yodel call that is finished. The ticket includes all necessary information to take care about the request including the transcript of the voicemail. 

The overall setup looks like this:

  • Step 1: Choose the Yodel line you want to use.
  • Step 2: Find or Create a new ticket for the call in Zendesk.

Optionally add the call transcript after it is available.

  • Step 3: Only create another comment if there is a voicemail transcript available.
  • Step 4: Add the voicemail transcript as new comment to the ticket.

Step 1 – Yodel.io Phone System

Add the Yodel integration as Trigger. For more information about how to connect Yodel with Zapier look at the help article 'Zapier Integration'.

Select 'Call Finished':

In the next steps you choose your Yodel account and select the Yodel line that you want to use for the Zap.

Step 2 – Zendesk

Add Zendesk with the 'Find a Ticket' event. This will find an existing ticket – we need this for the last step – or create a new ticket for the incoming call in the first run.

As ticket content you can configure the Event as you need it to match your workflow. It is important that you search (Query) for the Yodel Call URL that you can select from the dropdown. You do this by adding 'description:' and the token for the Yodel Call URL. Also check to create a new ticket if nothing is found.

For the ticket content it is important to add the Yodel URL as comment/description. Choose the other information according to your needs. We suggest to hide this first comment (not public).

Step 3 – Only continue if …

Step 1 and 2 create a ticket for every incoming call after it is finished. If you also want to add the transcript of the voicemail we need to add a new comment after it gets included in the Yodel web hook. Add a 'Only continue if' that checks for the transcript content.

The check is for 'Voicemail Transcript' to not match 'No voicemail available'.

Step 4 – Add Comment to Ticket

Finally add the transcript as comment to the ticket.

Search for the ticket with 'Use a Custom Value' and use the ticket ID from step 2.

Add the voicemail transcript as comment to the ticket. We again suggest to make the comment non-public.

OPTIONAL – Only create ticket for missed calls

If only want to create tickets for calls that you did not answer (you missed the call) please add the following 2 steps BETWEEN 'Step 1 Yodel' and 'Step 2 Zendesk'.

First you add a 'Run Javascript' element to run Javascript.

Check the participants field with the following code:

return { missed: !input.participants || inputData.participants.length == 0 }

The output of this formula can be used in a 'Only continue if' element to stop if the call was answered (missed == false).