Dialogflow has released a new version (V2) for its API and thus, will discontinue the V1 API on October 23rd, 2019.

If you have an active Dialogflow integration connected to one of your Yodel phone numbers, you need to follow these simple steps to ensure that your Dialogflow integration will work after October 23rd.

  1. Connect the new Dialogflow V2 integration

    - Click on the green “+” next to “Dialogflow API V2”

- Click “Allow” to grant the Yodel Bot access to your Dialogflow agents:

- After confirming the connection, the new “Dialogflow API V2” will be available in your account.

  1. Migrating your Dialogflow Agent to V2:

    Simple agents can be migrated to V2 with a single click. More advanced agents may need to be changed to be compatible with the V2 API. Please check the official migration guide: https://dialogflow.com/docs/reference/v1-v2-migration-guide

    First, click on the settings icon, then click the radio box next to “V2 API”. A popup will appear.

    - Click on "Upgrade to V2".

    - After that, your agent will have the V2 API activated. Copy the Project ID, you’ll need it in the next step.

  2. Configure your phone number

    - Disable the old Dialogflow Setup and enable the new one. Paste the Project ID into the field.

    You’re done. The new Dialogflow API V2 is now live with your phone number. The old one will be removed end of October.