To automatically route calls to specific users, activate the "Voice IVR" in your number settings at

How to set up the user based Voice IVR?

Set specific keywords and list them accordingly by adding a "," that separates them. When Yodel detects a keyword that matches to a user, it reads out the pre-defined answer and routes it to the user. If Yodel does not detect a keyword, it will keep the call ringing in your default channel and will also give a default answer that you can define in the IVR settings.

A user can deactivate notifications for incoming calls in the notifications settings but will still get notified when the call gets routed to them.

How to use DTMF with the Voice IVR feature?

If you simply want to use DTMF (Dual-tone multi-frequency), the classic e.g "Press 1 for support. Press 2 for sales. Press 3 if you have a feature request" then you will have to add the numbers in the keyword field. Yodel will detect that the number was pressed and route the call to the selected user. You can still use keywords and DTMF at the same time. You will have to add a "," that separates the number and the keywords. You can see an example Voice IVR setup using DTMF in the screenshot below: