How to install and use the Yodel Integration for Drift

This is a brief article to help you use the new Yodel voice integration for the Drift conversational marketing platform.  

The integration was built so sales and support teams using the Drift chat bot can start voice calls right from the conversation using a weblink with no need for phone numbers being exchanged.  

How it works

Here is a brief video showing you how the Yodel integration for Drift starts voice calls in the Drift chat.

How to integrate Yodel with Drift if you have no Yodel account

In Drift, go to Gear Settings and then to App Settings. Then follow these steps:

1. click on "Apps"

2. Search for Yodel

3. click on "Connect"

This will lead you to authorize the integration connection.

Which will then lead you to the landing page and process to create a Yodel account and invite your team members. 

Once you have authorized the integration and created your account and invite your team members you will be sent to the Yodel dashboard.  Be sure to bookmark this page.  From this page you will be able to add more users and also check out the advanced features available in Yodel including being able to make and receive calls in Slack. This feature is an additional cost.

How to integrate Yodel with Drift if you are already a Yodel customer

If you are already a Yodel customer simply go to the integrations tab on the left and you will see “Drift” under “Available Integrations.” By clicking the green “+” button you will be taken to Drift to connect or if the connection is already made by your admin, you will be able to now start calls with your user account in Drift conversations.

Alternatively, you can also start the integration from the Drift app site and then click on "login" when Drift redirects you to the "Connect"-page at Yodel.

How to use the Yodel integration for Drift

If you are in a chat with a high value prospect or someone that wants to speak right away simply type: /yodel

This will immediately sent you and your prospect a link to connect to the call right over the computer.

Simply click “Click here to start” on the admin side and the prospect will click the same on their side and the call will instantly connect with no software needed to install and no phone number to ask for.  That’s it!