Yodel can be connected via SIP to your hardware deskphones. The SIP support is currently a manual process. These are the steps:

To start, please send us the following information:

- How many deskphone devices should be connected to your Yodel account.

- Which user (manage.yodel.io/users) will have the deskphone? If the deskphone is meant for a whole team, it may make sense to create a new user for it. Please tell us the email address for that user

- Which default phone number do you want to use with the deskphone? Or do you want to have a new phone number for the deskphone?

- Send us your support pin

After we receive the necessary information, we can add this to your account and send you the SIP endpoint data.

Once you receive the information on that SIP endpoint, please add it to your SIP hardware phone.

For any questions, please contact us via the live chat support widget.