You can access the Yodel Call Log at or by clicking on the "Call Log" section in the menu bar on

We are currently introducing our improved call log, which you can opt in for by clicking on the "Opt-In"button on

The Call Log provides you with the information which calls were missed (red) and which ones were incoming or outgoing calls (black) from your Yodel phone lines.

Information that is available in the Call Log for each call are: 

  • Number who called/was called
  • Which Yodel phone number was called/was used to call out
  • Date and Time of the call 
  • Who of your Yodel users answered the call
  • Length of the call
  • Tags that were added by you or your team

By clicking on the "info"-icon you will receive all information as a summary in a pop-up window: 

Clicking on the green "Call"-button will open up a new browser window from which the call can be initiated. 

Call Tagging: 

Tags can be added in Slack or directly in the Call Log. 

There are two ways to add tags to the Call Log inside the Call Log. 

  1. Add tags in the Call Log overview by typing the desired tag
  2. Add tags in the Call Summary pop-up window by typing in the desired tag

If the tag needs to be removed, click on the blue tag button and the tag will be removed from the call. 

Calling from the Yodel Call Log: 

All calls can be called back or initiated again in one click by clicking on the phone icon on the right side. 

By clicking on the icon a new browser window with the Yodel call will pop up. Letting you start the call right away. 

Listening to voicemails and call recordings in the Call Log:

Calls that have a voicemail or recording on file, will be shown with a "..."-icon on the right side where else the phone icon is. 

Admins have access to all call recordings whereas members can only access calls they were part of.

Filter calls and download the Call Log as an Excel File: 

Calls can be filtered by all and missed on the far right side. 

Further filters are: 

  1. Timeframe of calls e.g. Today, Yesterday, This week, ... up to This year and Last year
  2. Phone Lines
  3. Number or Parts of the number
  4. Who the call was answered by
  5. Tags that were added by your team
  6. Download the Call Log as an Excel-file for your records