When you sign up to Yodel, you will go through a guided onboarding that helps you set up your account. One of the first steps is to get a phone number:

However, if you skip the onboarding, you will need to get a phone number manually to start testing Yodel.

To get a phone number, go to manage.yodel.io and click on "Phone Numbers" in the menu bar on the left side. Alternatively, you can also use this link.

Then click on the button "New Number" in the top right corner to choose a specific number for your account.

You can then select a phone number from different countries. We include Tier 0 and Tier 1 numbers in the trial. 

You can even filter for specific area codes in the "number contains" field.

After you've selected a number and clicked on "get for $5/month", you will be able to find your number in the section "Phone Numbers". If you don't have a Yodel number yet connected to your account, the button to get a number will say "get for free".

You can then give the number a name, set up a Welcome Message, Voicemail, Office Hours and much more. Please make sure to connect the phone number to a channel (Slack or Microsoft Teams) so you can receive the call.