When you sign up to Yodel, you will go through a guided onboarding that helps you set up your account. One of the first steps is to get a phone number:

However, if you skip the onboarding, you will need to get a phone number manually to start testing Yodel.

To get a phone number, go to manage.yodel.io and click on "Get new number" in the menu bar on the left side. Alternatively, you can also use this link.

You can then select a phone number from different countries. We include Tier 0 and Tier 1 numbers in the trial.

You can even filter for specific area codes in the "number contains" field.

After you've selected a number and clicked on "get for free", you will see it pop up in the left menu bar:

You can then give the number a name, set up a Welcome Message, Voicemail, Office Hours and much more. Please make sure to connect the phone number to a channel (Slack or Microsoft Teams) so you can receive the call.