Yodel supports text messaging with the Slack integration.

A text message will be displayed in your selected Slack channel:

All incoming SMS will be shown in your standard channel. Yodel tells you when and who texts you. If you have a number saved in your contacts, the name will appear, otherwise the phone number will be displayed as the sender. In case you blocked a number in your contact list, the number will not be able to text you either.

Please be aware that this feature is not supported by all Yodel numbers, due to limitations of some countries. If you want to know whether or not your number is able to receive text messages, please write us in the support live chat (https://help.yodel.io/support/home) or an email to support@yodel.io.

US and CA numbers natively support text messaging.

You can also send text messages. This is what it looks like:

Use the command /yodel-text and add the number you desire to text.

/yodel-text [number]

A pop-up window will appear and you can write your text into it.
Make sure you select the correct number to be displayed to the receiver as the sender of the message.
You can choose the number in the “From” drop-down menu. 

Click the “Send”-button and your text is on its way!
After you sent the message. It will be displayed on your Slack channel as shown above!

Just give it a try and /yodel-text away!