The feature "call recording" can be activated in your number settings in and will be played after your welcome message.

Depending on your business's and your customers' locations and thus their countries' regulations, you will need to comply with the local requirements and data protection laws.

  • If your caller does not need to actively consent with the recording, please select the option "call recording with announcement".

Yodel will then inform the caller that the call is being recorded.

Call Recording Feature — Yodel

  • If you need to ask for the caller's consent to record the call, please select the option "call recording with explicit consent".

Call Recording with Explicit Consent

Yodel will then explicitly ask the caller if they agree that the call is being recorded.

Please be aware that his option currently is built for English and German. If the caller consents to the recording, using a positive reply such as "yes", "agree", "ok", etc., Yodel starts to record the call.
If the caller replies with "no", "disagree", "neh", etc. or if the caller doesn't respond at all, Yodel will not record the call (this is because the caller needs to explicitly consent to the recording).

If you need to use this feature in a different language apart from English or German, please get in contact with us via our live chat. We can then work together with you to offer this option in your desired language.

If you have Dialogflow activated, the call recording message will get played before your Dialogflow conversation starts.

Stop the call recording during an active call.

Once you have activated call recording in you can also manually stop or re-activate the recording in the call interface.

As soon as you are in an active call and Yodel started recording beforehand, you can stop the recording directly.

You can keep the recording by simply pressing the record button again.

Currently, either the whole call will get recorded or not at all. So you need to make sure that the recording is active before ending the call so it will get saved in your call logs. If you dismiss the recording before the call ends, the recording will get deleted and you will not be able to access it.

Where can I find a call recording?

You can find the call recording to a specific call in your call log here: Click on the info button next to a specific call.
You should then be able to see a download button next to the message “The call was recorded”. Click the download button to get the .mp3 file with the call recording.

If you want to have all call recording download links in one overview we recommend to download the whole call log. You can do so by clicking "Download" in the top right corner of the call log page.

This will download a call-log.csv file where you will see all the available information of your calls. If a call recording was made for a call it will also show you the download link in the section “Call recording”.

Why am I unable to find a call recording?

There are two main reasons why you are not able to find a call recording for a specific call:

  • The call recording starts as soon as the “Announcement” of the call recording was made. The recording will only be posted in the call log if the call was answered. If the call was not answered or the caller hung up before someone could answer, it will say: “The call was recorded” but there will be no download button available for the call (see picture below).

  • You can manually stop the call recording in the call interface during an active call. This will also cause the call recording not to show up in the call log. In this case it won't show the message "The call was recorded" since the recoding was stopped manually.