To manage your contacts, please go to

There, you can edit the following:

1. adding a new contact (by clicking on "new contact")

2. editing an existing contact (click on the name in the contact list)

3. block a contact. Blocked contacts will be filtered out which means that those contacts are not able to reach your Yodel number. 

Adding a New Contact and Editing an Existing One

Blocking Contact —  Yodel

---Get in contact with our support if you need to upload a big number of contacts so we can do this for you.---

You can also add a contact with a Yodel command directly in Slack:

With the Yodel command /yodel-contact you can save a contact by typing the contact's number with the international area code (e.g. +1 for the US) and adding the contact's name. All future incoming calls from that saved number will get displayed with the chosen contact's name:


Using /yodel-contact — Step 1


Using /yodel-contact — Step 2


Using /yodel-contact — Step 3


Using /yodel-contact — Step 4

To call a contact from Slack, use the command /yodel and add the saved contact's name instead of the phone number:

Using /yodel Command

Yodel will then show the contact's phone number which you can call by clicking "start call".

Start a Call with /yodel Command