With Office Hours you can select time slots for when your business line should be active. Outside of your Office Hours, callers will get informed that they are calling outside of your time of operation.

To set your Office Hours, please go to manage.yodel.io and select the phone number you want to edit.

At the bottom of the settings page, you need to activate "Office Hours".

You can then select your daily Office Hours. The green fields indicate that you are available and an incoming call will be shown in your channels. The blank slots are the ones when you are not available, meaning that the caller will hear your announcement and after the call is hung up.

Office Hours Feature — Yodel

Office Hours example: Monday through Thursday from 09:00am until 12:00pm and 01:00pm until 05:00pm and Fridays from 09:00am until 01:00pm.

Example of Office Hours Feature

Pro-tip: The “Office Hours” feature can be paired with Yodel’s “voicemail” feature. This lets Yodel know to send callers to voicemail outside your available time.