If you want to record a message when your team cannot answer the call activate the section "Voicemail" for your phone number in manage.yodel.io.

  • Set a timeout when you want to forward the caller to voicemail.
  • Define a text announcement or play an audio file before the beep.
  • Decide if the call should get forwarded to a number after the timeout instead of sending them to voicemail.

The recorded voicemail will be transcribed and posted to Slack. The audio file is downloadable in your Call Logs and will also be posted in Slack.

Voicemail and forward call explained

Timeout (1.)
The timeout starts as soon as a call gets announced in Slack. Depending on what setting you have this is after: the welcome message played, the call recording was announced or after Yodel has read out the "ask for reason" section. The timeout begins to count down when all the actions that you have set are completed.

After the timeout you can select from these actions as what should happen next:

Read Message (2.): Write a text announcement that the Yodel-Bot will read out. E.g. “We are unable to speak right now. Please tell us your name, the person you wanted to call and the reason for calling. We will then call you back.”

Play Audio File (3.)
: Upload your own personalized audio file for the Voicemail message. We support the audio file formats MP3 and WAV.

Redirect to Number (4.): Choose a number you want to redirect the calls to. Please make sure to use the international area code when adding a phone number. E.g. use +1 for US phone numbers.