The Yodel Chrome Extension lets you click on numbers directly from your Chrome Browser to start a call.

No matter if you're looking at a website's contact details, or work in your CRM system, or work with a google docs, every number will be clickable and you can immediately start a call without needing to switch to Slack first.

Step 1: Click on the number you want to call. A new browser window with the Yodel interface will open: 

Step 2: Pick a number you want to call from in the drop-down menu and click on "Start" to initiate the call. 

Alternatively, you can also type in a number as:[number] to start a call without going through Slack. 

How to add the extension to your Chrome browser: 

1. Visit the Chrome Web Store and type into the search field "Yodel" or "Yodel Phone System".


2. You will be navigated to our "Yodel Phone System" extension. Click on "+ Add to Chrome".
Also, the Chrome Web Store will tell you if the extension is compatible with your current device! (See highlighted in pink).

3. Once you added the extension, you will see the Yodel Symbol on the top right side of your Browser window.
The Yodel Chrome Extension will also be listed in your Chrome Web Store as "Installed". 

This is the whole magic! From now on you can click on any website or document of your G Suite (e.g. Google Docs) to initiate a call through Yodel! 

Google Chrome extension permissions explained

When you want to add the Extension in the Chrome Web Store Yodel will ask you for permission to read and change data on websites that you visit:

This permission is necessary since the Yodel extension changes every number on a website to a link so you can make a call.
Other Google Chrome Extensions such as Adblockers also ask for these kind of permission.

However, in case you don't want to give Yodel permissions for all sites, you can blacklist them:

The Yodel Chrome Extension is an Open Source code so you can also have a look at the code we used here.