Where can I make a call with Yodel?

To make a call with Yodel you have to either use our apps or the web-browser version of Yodel. You can find our desktop and mobile apps here. To access the web browser version of Yodel click on 'Start Call' in the manage Yodel interface:

How to make an outbound call with Yodel?

Once you have logged in to Yodel through our apps or the web browser version you should see the call interface where you can type in a number and then make a call. Below is an explanation of the call interface and a guide on how to make a call:

  1. In this drop-down menu, you can select the number that you want to use for making an outbound call. If your user only has permissions for one number then Yodel will automatically select this number. Please make sure you have the correct  'From' number selected before making a call.

  2. In this field, you can type in the number that you want to call. Please use the international number format when typing in the number (e.g. +1 for US/CA).

  3. Click the green call button to start the outbound call. Once you have selected the correct 'From' number and typed in the number that you want to call, click on this button.

  4. In 'Recents' you can see your previously made and received calls. In 'Contacts' you can see all the saved contacts that you have with Yodel. Here you can also initiate a call by either going to 'Recents' or 'Contacts' and clicking on the call button next to a contact or number.