Does Yodel offer toll-free numbers?

Yes, Yodel offers toll-free numbers but we need to select them manually for our customers since we don't yet list them in our “New Number” section.

This is to make sure that our customers are aware that inbound calls to toll-free numbers will be counted against the call credit (as usually, inbound calls are included). To get a better understanding of the cost structure, please see our daily updated 
price list

How can I get a toll-free number? 

If you need a toll free number please send us an email to with the following information:

  • Support PIN: We need your support pin to confirm that you are aware that inbound calls to your toll-free number will be counted against your call credit. You can find your support pin here:

  • Country: We need the information on where you want the toll free number from.

  • Toll-free number prefix: Please tell us what toll-free number prefix you prefer so we can let you know if it is available.

We will respond to your toll-free number request via email and let you know if we have your requested toll-free number available.