You can download the App for macOS and Windows at or at


The App supports the following functionalities for now:

- Ringing for incoming calls

- Answer calls

- Make calls
- Recents tab
- Contacts tab


After downloading the app, you need to log in with your Yodel user credentials:



Once signed in, you will see the dialpad to make calls:



You can type in the number you want to call and select the phone line to start the call from. You don't need to add the country code if you make a domestic call. 

1. Recents: The Recents tab is showing you the call log of the most recent calls.

2. Contacts: The Contacts tab shows you all the saved contacts in Yodel. You can add additional contacts here: 


Once you're in the call there are different actions that you can use: 


- Mute yourself

- Put the call on hold

- Record/stop recording the call

- Forward to a different number

- Open the dialpad

- Share the call URL


You can also click on the settings icon for your audio preferences.



When a call is announced, the app lets you answer the call or mute it. This means that the ringing stops but someone else from your team can still answer the call:




We are continuously improving and adding new functionalities. Once an update is available, the app updates itself.

If you are running into any problems or need help with the MacOS or Windows App, contact us via the support widget on the right bottom corner or write us at