Your account is only eligible for a port in request if you are on the Premium Plus Plan and have a minimum of 3 active users.

If your account fits these requirements, the porting will be handled by the support team.

Please make sure that your number doesn’t fall under the following exceptions that would not allow a port in.

- Your current phone provider doesn’t allow you to port the number away (this is however rarely the case)

- Your phone number is within a provider’s country that we don’t support.

To initiate the porting process please fill out our porting form and make sure to attach all the needed documents.

We can port over local phone numbers from the following countries:

- Australia

- Belgium

- Canada

- Denmark

- France

- Germany

- Ireland

- Netherlands

- Spain

- United Kingdom

- United States

Please write us via email to if the country of your phone number is not listed. We can then manually check if we can port it or not. The same applies for mobile/national or toll-free numbers.