At the Yodel pricing page, you will find all detailed information about the different plans and their monthly fee as well as the costs for making calls and sending text messages.

The per minute and per message costs show the minimum price. To get an overview of the costs for different prefixes, please download our price list.xls

Receiving calls and text messages on local/mobile numbers is included. Inbound traffic is charged for toll-free numbers.

Making calls and sending text messages to domestic US/CAN phone numbers is also included in the Premium and Premium Plus plan if you have a US/CAN phone number. But please be aware that this is based on a fair-use policy. 

International calls are paid with the credit that you see at If your included credit is fully used within a subscription period, the cost for the additional calls will roll over to your next monthly renewal of the subscription.

Be aware that SMS messages are charged on the basis of each message sent by our carriers which means that messages sent or received that are more than 160 characters must be split into multiple messages and may, therefore, incur multiple charges.

For questions about prices, you can contact us at