You can create users and give them specific roles on

Owner: Only one person can be the owner of your Yodel account. This user is the one that originally signed up to Yodel. The owner has access to everything in your manage interface. He/she is also the only one to access the billing page (

Admin: An admin has access to all settings, excluding the billing page (

Member: A member has fewer rights than an admin: additionally, they don't have access to the integrations page ( and to the user page (

Guest: A guest has fewer rights than the member: They don't have access to the saved contacts (

All roles have access to the specific number settings, and can see the call and message log.
You can restrict for each user, which phone numbers they can use to make and receive calls.

Go to, click on one user and you can then select which phone number(s) they should be able to use.