In case you get an error message saying that the microphone is deactivated

As soon as the Yodel call interface pops up, we need to have access to the microphone in order to make the call work (a call wouldn't really work if the person on the other line wouldn't hear you, right?).

If you are using Google Chrome, please click on "Allow" as soon as the browser asks you to activate your microphone:

If, for some reason, this doesn't show up, please go to Preferences > Advanced > Privacy and Security > Content settings... > Microphone > and set "Ask before accessing".

We've also included the Google Chrome help article which explains what to do in case you need to check your system settings for Windows and for Mac.

We've also included help articles for other browsers, including for Safari and Firefox.

Safari: Click on "Customize the active website" to see the option for the microphone.

Firefox: The section "What permissions can I manage?" also mentions the microphone.

If you use a different browser and need help, contact us via the support widget on the right bottom corner or write us at