To use phone numbers compliantly in many countries of the world, both Yodel and our customers must adhere to the local country regulations. This requirement often means you must provide adequate identity documentation to the carriers or local regulator. Failure to provide that information creates a risk of disruption of service.

For some types of phone numbers, the regulators require you to provide your identity and/or address, but do not require you to provide documentation to prove it. However, in certain cases, such as a fraud investigation, regulatory audit, or law enforcement request, you may need to provide documentation upon request to avoid disruption of service.

Note the following requirements for documentation:

- The name on all submitted documents must be the same. For example, if your utility bill lists your name as “C.J. Smith” and your driver's license lists you as “Charles John Smith,” the documentation will not be acceptable.

- When submitting a proof of address document, the document must include your name on it in addition to the address.

- All documentary proof must be current. It cannot be expired or terminated, and for documents like a utility bill or invoice, the documents must be less than 3 months old.

These are the affected countries (if you want to get a phone number with one of these country codes, please get in contact with us at and we will send you the required information):

Argentina (AR)

Australia (AU)

Austria (AT)

Bahrain (BH)

Belgium (BE)

Bolivia (BO)

Brazil (BR)

Bulgaria (BG)

Czech Republic (CZ)

Denmark (DK)

Dominican Republic (DO)

Egypt (EG)

Estonia (EE)

Finland (FI)

France (FR)

Germany (DE)

Ghana (GH)

Greece (GR)

Hong Kong (HK)

Hungary (HU)

Iceland (IS)

Ireland (IE)

Italy (IT)

Japan (JP)

Lithuania (LT)

Luxembourg (LU)

Malaysia (MY)

Mexico (MX)

Moldova (MD)

Netherlands (NL)

New Zealand (NZ)

Nigeria (NG)

Norway (NO)

Poland (PL)

Portugal (PT)

Qatar (QA)

Romania (RO)

Saudi Arabia (SA)

Singapore (SG)

Slovakia (SK)

Slovenia (SI)

South Africa (ZA)

South Korea (KR)

Spain (ES)

Sweden (SE)

Switzerland (CH)

Turkey (TR)

United Arab Emirates (AE)

United Kingdom (UK)

Venezuela (VE)

Vietnam (VN)

Please send us the name of the country you want to get a number in, including your support pin shown on to and we will tell you the required information.